a docu-sci fi mini series created by megan may daalder
principal photography by ava benjamin shorr


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The year was 2020 and humanity was afflicted with a terrible sickness
It was a time when harmony and destruction existed side by side.
Actually they were neighbors almost everywhere you looked.
🌋 🗻
All throughout history, those without imagination sought after riches.
But the price of their luxury was the suffering of others.
Long ago this troubling contradiction inspired a story called progress  🚀
and this story silenced all other possible futures.
But in the gaps and gasps, those with imagination persisted
and passed down an affinity for continuity and compassion.
👁 🕯 👁
And as time went on a paradox grew within the story of progress.
⏱⏰ ⏰🕰🕰🕰⌛️ ⏳⌛️ ⏳
Now, new generations arrive in a world simultaneously
alienated from history and obsessed with connection. 

So maybe now, growing up is not about a loss of innocence,
but an active refusal of ignorance. 


The year is 2019 and a humanely interconnected future is possible,
once a life-denying story of progress is rendered obsolete.

remember the future